Molecule of consciousness


The social program of limitations can easily erase your individuality, shaping your brain of thoughts, mentality.  You keep constantly chasing someone else’s expectations, bending your head, experiencing emotional distress, discomfort, tension, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, fear, contradictory system of values, vulnerability. . . Like out of modelling clay we are being sculptured to something that will subsequently become our main essence, define that spiritual and moral vector of ours.  Strong pressure of society and public opinion upon the individual is inadmissible. It can execute and can crown; it hangs up labels by which our status and place in hierarchy is determined. Each person knows that pressure.

The work shows stages of one's 'molecule of consciousness' from birth, freshness, artless mind, pink-fleshed, formation, hunger to explore - to haziness, asphyxia, degradation, taking away existence from the person, imposing clichéd and stereotyped views, total absorption by society with its standards, intoxicating suppression of individuality. Hypnotized until you are bodiless, walking corpse, biomass, fed with blackness, emptiness to your very core and soul until it exudates through every pore. Will the molecule of consciousness return to its natural essence or will remain suppressed?