We are so used to the news about climate change that completely lost the sense of the reality. This is not a hazy threat. Every year the concentration of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming continues to grow. If the average global temperature rises to 2°C, it will lead to an ice-free Arctic and sea-level rise. The planet is already facing these powerful feedbacks, the climate change is moving the North Pole, melting ice sheets (Antarctica and Greenland); warming seas and rising oxidation, causing  a quarter of the available in the ocean coral colonies to suffer from discoloration, bleaching.

This project is a thought provoking marathon of visuals, encourages each person to awake. It is a hymn of life and call for the unification of common efforts to preserve the biosphere. I used flowers that are naturally first ones to pop blossom in my hometown Krasnodar, Russia. Everything is interlinked. From year to year, my flourishing and feeding the entire Russia, region is dramatically changing. Granary from childhood was replaced by fruits of "plastic" produce.

The flora and fauna that we have the opportunity to contemplate now, can change overnight and maybe next spring there won't be any beloved tulips from my mother's garden, and the lilac will lose that dear smell of childhood.